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About Us

An alternate dimension where the societal constraints, pressures, and expectations of the outside world cease to exist.

We are a cure for the mundane.

We are the rebellious friend you had growing up that your parents wouldn't let you have sleepovers with.

We are the voice in your head that urges you to destroy your cubicle.

We are modern-day headshrinkers, here to remind you that you won't make it out of this life alive and to enjoy it while you can.

So, join us in catering to what's real, which is intangible. Creativity, camaraderie, brother and sisterhood, love, freedom, beauty, mindfulness, and going a little crazy once in a while because it's good for the soul.

We are here to help you forget the idea you have of who you are, and if possible, to help you remember that you can change that idea at any given time.

Some may call us a restaurant, music venue, cocktail bar, and ever-evolving art and history emporium, but we're much more.

We are a co-creative sanctum that nurtures the inner child within all of us. A reminder that each moment is a clean slate to be whoever you wish to be.

There's nothing serious going on here in this life, and we're here to remind you of that.